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Turbo fog technology

The stability and technology of turbo fog

The turbine fog device works to cover a length of 50 meters and can operate up to 200 meters and can be installed in open places, meetings and large gardens.


This system (turbine fog) is considered the first in the Kingdom to be installed innovative in principle and idea as it is used in European stadiums and international festivals and has several characteristics, most notably:


It has a beautiful blurry view


Turns the atmosphere into a refreshing fog


Improves air quality by sticking water particles to plankton and dust


It also absorbs harmful gases and unpleasant odors and thus clean air


The rate of hypothermia ranges between 1-15 degrees Celsius


In cold weather (dry frost) it raises the temperature by 1-7 degrees Celsius


Forms a misty canopy that mitigates the effects of dust storms


Forms air currents that prevent insects


Easy to control the fog path vertically and horizontally


It can be controlled to change its blurry path vertically and horizontally


Fast and efficient as you can create a misty cloud in seconds


Hazy cloud can be produced on the appearance of a rainbow under light conditions


It is installed in neglected and unused corners


The installation of the turbine system does not require a large space, affecting the site in general


It is characterized by ease of movement, whether it is fixed or mobile


Monochrome laser lights or laser screen can be added

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